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Susan Byers

(Office Manager/Paralegal)
Phone/Fax: (206) 780-0440


Susan Byers is office manager and paralegal with Foster Law Group.  Susan grew up in Edmonds, Washington and moved to Kitsap County in 1996.  She attended Western Washington University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  While attending college Susan also worked as a bookkeeper.

Prior to joining Foster Law Group Susan worked over twenty years as a professional bookkeeper with non-profit organizations, LLCs, small businesses and individuals.

Currently, Susan works as the bridge between the clients and attorneys to make estate planning and administration of estates a streamlined process.  She provides our attorneys with solid and reliable assistance and provides a listening ear to our clients.  While clients communicate directly with our attorneys, Susan is an additional liaison between the clients and our firm and is often the individual that has the initial contact with our clients.  She is also relied upon by our attorneys for drafting necessary documents, meeting directly with the clients, scheduling appointments, as well as keeping the client files current and organized.

Susan works directly with personal representatives and trustees to complete the financial aspects of estate administration.  Her extensive experience with a variety of businesses in addition to her on-the-job legal training provides a unique set of skills to help walk clients through the gathering of financial data.  Estate administration clients are often faced with a variety of emotional situations.  Susan presents a calm, helpful and supportive demeanor as she handles their immediate needs, while patiently explaining procedures.